Playspot Registration Process

In order to participate as a qualifying venue for the DRONEFIGHT competition, placespot registration is required.
Playspot registration is also required to hold events under the registered trademark “DRONEFIGHT”.

Would you like to register for Playspot?

The Drone Fight Association is looking for community leaders!
Would you like to host an event or register your company or organization for Playspot?

If you take the training and register for Playspot, you will be able to
You can organize an event using DRONEFIGHT (®)  and become a qualifying venue organizer for official DRONEFIGHT (®)  competitions.

Let’s aim for the world championships together!

The main flow of registration in Playspot

We will explain the activities of the Drone Fight Association online (ZOOM, etc.), and you can tell us about your company’s (or individual’s) activities.
Sign the contract, and send the playspot set and payment.
Online training.Registration.

Playspot Registrant Testimonials

Dronefighting is putting a new spin on our community. For our students, it has given them a goal to be passionate about, and for us, it has given us a new avenue for education. Hopefully this initiative will draw even more people by providing an inclusive environment for everyone.
I’m especially excited about the proposed league divisions, as we aim to create a platform that is accessible to all, from beginners to seasoned veterans.” We believe that Dronefighting has the power to bring people of all backgrounds together.
Our goal is to grow Dronefighting as an activity that is open to all, connecting us to the broader community through Dronefighting.” Our hope is to create an event that everyone can enjoy, including people with disabilities and the elderly.
We look forward to continuing our efforts to increase awareness and participation in Drone Fight next year as we deepen our ties with the local community.” We look forward to your enthusiastic participation. We hope our activities bring joy and inspiration to many.

Frequently Asked Questions about Placespot Registration

We will send you a form to register.

  • You can organize events using the registered trademark DRONEFIGHT.
  • You can take online training courses to learn about DRONEFIGHT events and the rules.
  • You can purchase products for event organizers such as banners and stickers.
  • As a local organizer of official events, you can participate and manage qualifying venues and other events.
  • The registered organizer will be listed on the JDFA website.
  • By logging in to the Playspot members-only page, you can share and use members-only information and data.

DRONEFIGHT competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and many other types of events can be held. However, events that are offensive to public order and morals or activities that violate the law are prohibited.
Events with sales of US$1,000 or more will be subject to a separate content fee.

Playspot does not provide insurance for the event. Please prepare your own.

Cancellation of an event may be subject to a cancellation fee. Please review the contract provided at the time of registration for details and conditions of cancellation fees.

Yes, outside sponsors are welcome to participate, but must follow Playspot’s guidelines. For more information on sponsorship, please contact us in advance.


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