Drone Fight World Championships 2025 (1st)

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Drone Fight World Championships 2025
Banner image of the list of qualifying venues
Banner image of application status for each venue

All ages, genders, and nationalities are welcome!

2025.2.23 The 1st World Championships Schedule


February 1-15 Preliminary Round(LOCAL TIME)
Feb. 16 Preliminary Rounds for World Championships(LOCAL TIME)
Feb. 23 World Championships Main Draw(JAPAN TIME)

● The process of becoming a qualifying venue organizer

① Fill out the dedicated inquiry form

② Meeting at ZOOM

③ Playpot registration, including online training courses

④ World Championships Qualifying Site Entry

●Dedicated inquiry form

Final Championships Date and Time February 23, 2025

13:30~14:00 PR video introduces each venue
14:00~14:30 Opening, explanation of rules, prizes and sponsorship
14:30~15:30 Finals (First half)
15:45~16:45 Finals (second half)
16:45~17:00 Award ceremonies, announcements, etc.

*Schedule is subject to change.

Participation Rules

・Participating drones must be certified (excessive modifications such as attaching needles or sandpaper are not allowed).
・Have you ever broken a dedicated balloon unit “BANPOINT” with a mini drone, or,
Have experience with drones

※Mini-drones will be available at the venue, so you can participate without them.
※Only at venues where the practice field is open until the start of the event, first-timers can participate by practicing on the day of the event.


※We will assume that you understand the following items for entry※
・Competition drones will be available at the venue, but if you wish to participate with a my drone, please choose from the certified models.
・Excessive modification of the drone is prohibited.
Please follow the instructions of the venue staff and refrain from operating the drone without permission.
・Intentional drone operation for the purpose of attacking participants, staff, spectators, or destroying equipment inside the venue is strictly prohibited.
・For your safety, please wear the goggles provided in the venue when participating in the competition.


Additional ranking point

Points will be awarded as you advance in this tournament. The points awarded are as follows:


BangpointEdition1st, mini drone accessories, A balloon target exclusively for mini-drones, Combined with a toy drone, it can be exciting and fun., Targets for drone-sport DRONEFIGHT